What separates us from our competition? We come with the knowledge, support and the backing of the Roush engineering services and corporation.

Program Development

Program Management

We’re a full-service engineering company, supported by physical resources our clients require to see projects through completion.

Engine Development

With over 40+ years of championship winning results, Roush has the proven track record to provide you with our winning ways. It’s Jacks way.

Program Development
Program Development

Engine Build

Any brand, any architecture, we’ll build it.

Track Support

“From start to finish” defines the “110% effort 100% of the time”. This work ethic flows from the shop to the track and energizes the whole team.

Program Development
Program Development

Full Engineering Capability

We address the essence of product development – the complex science of how things look, feel, handle, function, and perform. Our goal: the streamlined development and flawless launch of a product that successfully captures these critical elements. We provide seamlessly integrated services in a broad range of engineering disciplines, including Body, Chassis, Powertrain, NVH, Electrical, Thermal, CAE, CAD, and Advanced engineering.