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Performance Parts

Roush Competition Engines offers a wide range of Cylinder Heads and Services for your needs. We typically carry brands or have immediate access too such products as Dart / AFR / Ford Racing / Edelbrock / Trick Flow / RHS / CHI / Brodix to name a few for all of the various engine types. Certainly when it comes to SmallBlock Ford V8 applications, call us up, we probably have what you might need on site. But, we also support cylinder heads for other Ford V8 engines such as the Ford FE and Big Block V8 as well. We also can provide custom porting solutions to the Combustion Chamber, Intake and Exhaust ports.

Ford Modular V8 Competition Chain Guide Kit

SBF V8 HyVo Timing Chain Gear Set

SBF V8 Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers

SBF V8 Standard Valve Covers

Roush One-Piece Ford FE V8 Rear Main Seal Kit

Roush Spanner Wrench Set

Roush Cylinder Head